Our Honey

All our honey is entirely natural raw honey, it is not blended or pasteurised, has no additives and is sourced from beekeepers we know and trust. The honey is spun from the comb and lightly filtered to allow the very best enjoyment of the intricate tastes and natural goodness.

As a natural product you will notice a wide range of colours and tastes which vary from harvest to harvest even from the same hive, and will depend on which nectars the bees have been foraging on, which in turn depends on the season and geographical availability of the flower types, typically bees will forage in a radius of up to three miles of their hive.

Crystallisation of honey is a natural process and occurs over differing time spans to different honeys and can be reversed by gently warming over water, be sure to stay below 35 degrees Celsius to ensure you maintain natural condition.

It is considered good advice not to give raw honey to infants under twelve months of age.

Sell by\use by dates are a regulatory requirement although natural honey will last pretty much endlessly if sealed and dry.

For many centuries honey has been used to treat battle injuries, skin conditions and other ailments, nowadays we have the benefit of modern science and medicine but our ancestors believed there were many benefits of honeys for certain conditions.

We are supplied by personally selected expert beekeepers throughout Pembrokeshire and from the Valencia region of Spain,who produce the finest honeys and other products from the hive whilst ensuring the highest standards of bee welfare, their hard work with support from all of us should ensure a bright future for our bees