Goodwood Honey 340g


Goodwood Honey 340g

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Harvested in the Pembrokeshire National Park, on the banks of the Western River Cleddau, amoungst ancient woodland around this site of special scientific interest.

The bees forage on the pollen and nectar from many wild flowers and tree blossoms, including Willow, Sycamore, Bluebells, Hawthorne, Bramble, Clover, Lime and fruit trees.

There is also an abundance of Cochlearia or scurvy grass which due to its high vitamin C content was used by ancient mariners to ward off scurvy. It is well loved by the bees and imparts an unusual citrus backbone to the honey which runs through all harvests of the spring and summer.

The bees also indulge on the 6 week nectar flow from the established Manuka bushes.

Goodwood honey is coarsely filtered, raw and natural with exquisite flavours.

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